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Travelling with kids


Travelling with kids

Child Care Facility

Child Care Rooms

Disclaimer: Currently Operational

Travelling with your young ones can be a challenge. We understand this and have specialized child care rooms available, so you can take care of your tiny tots in the same dotting way you always do. Parents can avail this facility to cater to their child’s needs such as feeding, changing diapers etc.

Terminal 1 Terminal 2
  • Opposite Gate No.23 and 25
  • At Pre Security Check Area II
  • Departure Check-in area behind Island P
  • Post Immigration
  • Level-3 Retail area Near Theobrama
  • Near Boarding Gate no.42

Baby Strollers

Disclaimer: Currently Non-Operational

To make the best of your family travel experience at CSMIA, we also provide baby strollers, you may follow the below mentioned details to avail baby strollers when at the airport.

Terminal 1 Terminal 2
  • Proceed to the check-in - D & K on Level 4. Important: To use this facility, submission of a photo ID at the Information Desk is mandatory. To return the stroller get in touch with the Zone C officer on 8879992373. Or, contact the Information Desk to return the stroller in lieu of your ID Card.

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