Baggage Rules

Check in process

Cabin Baggage

The standard guidelines permit only one piece of cabin baggage on board weighing not more than 7 kgs. You may take additional items in the cabin (subject to security regulations):

  • An overcoat wrap or blanket
  • A ladies handbag, ladies pocketbook or ladies purse
  • A reasonable amount of reading material
  • Infant's carrying basket
  • Infant food for consumption on the flight
  • A Laptop

Check-in baggage:

As per standard guidelines, passengers are permitted to carry 15 kgs /30 kgs baggage when they travel on a domestic or international sector respectively. For domestic varies for Air India flight, for international sector there 23 kg concepts also per pc for Europe & US sectors.

Please Note:

The cabin/check - in baggage allowance may vary from airline to airline; hence we recommend that you consult the concerned airline for more information.

Passengers shall ensure that they do not carry any prohibited items in their check-in or cabin baggage. For details on prohibited items, please download

Post issuance of the boarding pass, passengers may then proceed for security screening.