Survey 2020

Traveller's Survey

  • Please spare a minute answering the questions below.

  • 1. Tell us about yourself.

  • 2. Your immediate concerns pertaining to travel

  • Safety Concern
    Different guidelines for travel at origin/destination
    Low frequency of Flight
    Availability of Transport to from airport/home
    Travel budget
  • 3. How convenient it is for you to get necessary information for your travel plans from the following.

  • Airports
    Travel Agents/Planners/Consultant
    Family and Friends
    Government website
  • 4. For facilitating travel, how satisfied are you with the precautionary measures taken by

  • Airport
    Local transport providers
  • 5. During your travel how likely are you to avail below facilities within the airport

  • Food and Beverages
    Airport Hotel
    Meet and Assist/Porter
  • 6. What is the purpose of your travel?

  • 7. When are you planning your return travel?

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