Working with us

Working with us

Spurred by the challenges of the new economy, MIAL is constantly reinventing itself. Join us and you will become part of a 1000 + strong force of infrastructure professionals who are driving change in India by modernizing and enhancing infrastructure facilities.

In keeping with the traditions of GVK, of which it is an important member, MIAL is constantly striving to better its products and services. We understand that our people are central to our objective of creating a world-leading organization that delivers outstanding solutions on all kinds of metrics - be it in implementing the latest technology, providing cutting-edge passenger services or attaining capacity milestones across India.

The MIAL culture emphasizes learning and drives each employee to surpass his or her capabilities to 'build, innovate and excel' in any given field. We see growth as an unending voyage that challenges fresh frontiers and sets new standards of excellence. Our employees take pride in the fact they are a part of GVK and are continuously endeavouring to keep its heritage and traditions alive.

We go beyond what is expected to provide a work environment that compares with the best in the world. We support the lateral movement of our people across business units or functions as far as possible, keeping in view the needs of the business.

MIAL's personnel policies are aimed at further supporting the development of the employee as a whole, and we do this by providing a stimulating work environment, a variety of challenges and a host of material rewards. The company believes that better human beings make better staff members.