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Jaya He GVK New Museum


Jaya He GVK New Museum

Jaya He
Jaya He
Jaya He
Jaya He

In India we mark and celebrate every rite of passage, particularly in travel – every threshold and doorway is enriched by a ritual, consecrating the journey through it. Our ambition was to bring this sensibility to the airport, infusing meaning into the huge spatial volumes of T2 Mumbai. Jaya He was conceived as an initiation into the immediate environment and the larger context of the airport, the city of Mumbai and of India as a whole.

It has more than 5500 artefacts, works of 100 artists and some 1000 artisans, spread across a span of 3.2 kms. Reflecting the many - layered story that is India, the collection evolved into an immense multi-disciplinary endeavour, like a ‘NEW MUSEUM’. Arguably India’s largest public art initiative, Jaya He has three distinct sections.

The first section called 'Thresholds of India' is a wall running like a central curvilinear spine, designed to direct and control circulation of passengers through the terminal. The wall itself becomes the artwork of an immense sculptural tableau of India’s plural cultural legacy, living traditions and contemporary artistic expression

The second section, 'Layered Narratives is in the arrivals corridor, consisting of a series of especially commissioned artworks that map the city, unfolding page by page before the disembarking travellers.

The third section, 'Baggage Acclaimed' in the baggage claim area, reinvigorates India’s ancient pre-eminence in the arts of textiles and costumes with exotic props celebrating a rare collection of traditional containers. Mumbai international airport is the first of its kind to present a display of the most beautiful hand-crafted trunks, as an introductory guide to the treasures that one can carry home.

Jaya He brought together designers, artists, artisans, architects, art historians, anthropologists and conservators with technicians, all working together to distil and interpret India culturally, aesthetically, historically and socially in a manner that leaves visitors with doubt that they are in the heart of the South Asian subcontinent.

CSMIA gives you an opportunity to take a guided tour of the museum in the departures section. Called as Jaya He Safari, these tours can be availed for free as you depart from Terminal 2. All you have to do is fill out a simple form here and you are all set to dive into this ocean of Indian art and craft. If you are a user of Pranaam Services of a grade of Platinum or higher, you may also avail for a curated Jaya He Safari.

Celebrating the art and culture further, the museum hosts a lot of exciting engagement activities through out the year that engage you like a stress buster. Catch some glimpses below!

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