GVK Lounge - International T2


Disclaimer:Currently Non Operational

GVK Lounge

GVK Lounge is the first airport lounge to have made luxury accessible to only First class and Business class travelers. From excellent concierge services to a world-class spa and more, the lounge is elegant both in its ambience and amenities. The interiors boast of world-class designs with a distinctive Indian touch that creates a comfortable, enchanting environment you�ll never forget.

Step in to a world of splendor.
The GVK Lounge is divided into three categories to cater to different tastes and sensibilities.

The First Class: This section of the lounge has the opulence and luxury of a five star hotel with highly personalized service and care to details without compromising privacy. Guests here will enjoy top level amenities such as � la carte dining, and individual spa treatments, and further will be able to avail facilities including relaxation rooms, shower facilities, concierge services, etc.

The Premium Class: This section of the lounge guarantees privacy and personalized service by highly trained attach�s with a background in the premium hotel industry. Guests here will have preferential access to a number of additional service offerings such as a foot massages, or access to the relaxation area, smokers lounge, etc.

The Business Class: This section of the lounge offers all the peace, quiet and amenities one desires on a hectic business trip. Take time out to relax, refresh and revel in all the facilities available at arm�s length. Guests here will be offered a number of additional services such as foot massages, smokers lounge, barista service & more.

The GVK Lounge offers state-of-the art facilities and elite services for your pleasure:

  • Concierge Services
  • Smoking Zone
  • Food & Beverages
  • Spa & Shower Area
  • Relaxation Area
  • Library
  • Business Center

Located at:
Level 4, West Side, Terminal 2
Level 4, East Side, Terminal 2 (Business Only)