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Travel Club Lounge


Travel Club Lounge

Disclaimer:Currently Non Operational
GVK Lounge

Situated at Terminal 1 of CSMIA, Travel Club Lounge is a perfect place for the transit passengers.

The lounge is split into various zones. The spacious and well stocked bar with a choice of comfortable counter stools and leather arm chairs is a perfect place to relax. The rich marble and veneer of the bar has a mesmeric effect on the traveler who is drawn to the lounge instantly. The crisp dining area has well laid out areas served with hot and cold buffet, live counters to cater to every taste, preference and mood. There are numerous quiet zones for the reclusive traveler looking forward to some ‘alone time’. The demarcation of these quiet zones from the active zones has been done by the use of half height wooden partitions which creates the illusion of space while creating an exclusive oasis. The entire lounge can be seen at a glance gives the passengers privacy – much like the Tree of Life which is present in a subtle, unobtrusive way.

The large buffet with cold counter and warm plates, induction tops is housed in a separate section towards the back end of the lounge in an all-white zone to maintain an atmosphere of calm and peace.

A blend of soothing colors, rich materials and aesthetic lighting is used to create the perfect balance. The entire lounge is a play of lush blues, hues of white and shades of deep grey supported by rich natural wood. Each color and shade is matched purposefully to a section and underscored with ambient lighting. Light colored Italian flooring is blended with stone wall coverings which have concrete highlights and accent lighting. Natural wood paneling and stylish Corina topped service areas all glamour and chic, white textured marble is used in various ways - as a screen at the entrance as well as the Tree of Life on the wall.

Services & Facilities (198/200 Pax)

  • Air Conditioning
  • Mobile charging points
  • Beverages (Alcohol)
  • Beverages (Soft Drinks)
  • Bar Counter
  • Live Kitchen/Counter
  • Buffet
  • Disabled Access
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Internet / Wi-Fi
  • Newspapers / Magazines
  • Spa Services
  • Television
  • In-house washroom

Location: Mumbai Airport, Terminal 1, Airside-Domestic Departures, 3rd Floor, opposite Gate 22.

Hours: The lounge is open 24 hours.

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